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Register Yourself by paying 1200Rs to Company`s Account


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There are 2 types of income in our Company`s concept

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Binary Referral 2×2 Matrix

A Binary Plan is a Two Legged (Left leg, Right Leg) structure used in Multi-Level Marketing where each new distributors or members are placed in either left or right sub tree. The profit margin depends entirely on your down-line team being active. That is if one of your leg is inactive, then you will not earn much money. 

Referal & Pair Bonus

A member receives Pair Match Income whenever the placement of new referrals on either side (left & right) is complete in his tree at any level. A member receives Achievement Gift  Income whenever his level in even numbers get completed. As per Company`s growth, a member receive Auto Fill Pair Match Income 

Multiple Currencies


The FOURTH TYPE OF INCOME in our company is purely designed based on the helping mind of the DIRECTORS. Willing members can opt for this.No documents needed. A handwritten signed letter as shown in the site with a passport size photo affixed and signed across on the right top corner should reach the Admin office at SALEM. The ADVANCE PAY is sanctioned according to the level. THE SANCTION IS AT THE DISCRETION OF DIRECTORS. Any member receiving the ADVANCE PAY should start repaying the coming next TUESDAY without fail before 6.00 p.m. The Company insists on the HONESTY, INTEGRITY,  TRUSTWORTHY, BELIEVABLE, HELPING MINDED nature from the members rather than the documents.

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Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway is a middle-man that securely takes money from your customers and sends it to your bank account. Merchant securely transfers order information to the payment gateway. The transaction is then routed to the issuing bank or the 3D secure page to request transaction authentication.In this script contains offline payment and online payment. Online payment using instamojo payment gateway. 

Multiple Currencies

Add User In Downline

As it is a working plan, a member is expected to refer and register two known persons in his FIRST LEVEL. If it is filled up by the Company, in its auto fill method, the member will not be able to receive any benefits. The member starts getting his benefits from the level where he register TWO members using his sponcership in left and right of his tree.

Genelogy Tree Structure

The Tree Structure for a member has 10 levels. The member is expected to refer TWO members who are interested in earning additional income for their commitments. If the member is capable of finding more members, he can introthem as referrals to his team,so that every one can travel successfully.

MLM software dashboard